Becoming a vegan (part 1) 

My mom and dad have most of their life’s been vegetarians, it never crossed my mind ever to be one too. I love..well now loved red meat and white meats. My favorite was always lamb! A juicy little lamb chop. For the past few months I have made a drastic change to my health, as you all know, winning a 12 week challenge and working hard to keep the weight off. Over the period of sometime I researched different foods and the health bennifits of certain foods, well to cut a long story short it led me to browsing becoming a VEGAN, that V word no one tries! And I decided I want to up my healthy lifestyle and cut out all animal products. I know it will be hard so I have decided I will do it slowly ! 
This is my new challenge to myself ! I no longer eat my favorite meat, lamb and from next week chicken is a big no no. I feel by blogging about it I have to stick to it! I do not wish to let my followers down! I can win this no meat lifestyle !