Vegan part 1

My Parents most of their life have been vegetarians, and it never made me wonder if I should be one too, yet I carried on eating everything. I was never phased by it one bit. 

As you all know I made a lifestyle change, I won a 12 week challenge and lost and kept off 25kgs, but that was not good enough for me I want to really live a very very healthy lifestyle. So I did months of research on foods and what’s healthy and what’s not and the big V word appeard, yip you know what it is , VEGAN! and then my research carried on and on.. and I decided I want to try become a vegan, me and my husband. 

I know a lot of people are going to jump into my character and tell me it’s a wrong choice ! Well… I am doing it to better my health and lifestyle . 

 How I am doing it or plan to you ask? 

Firstly I cut out my most favorite meats, which is lamb, ooh how I loved a delicious lamb chop! And now I haven’t touched lamb for two weeks ! Secondly next week hubby and I are going to cut out chicken and then take it from there.  I am trying to rather wean us from meats than drastically stop. 

Why blog about it you ask? 

Blogging is the only place I feel free to write or say what I want and to open up, I am not good with my spelling but I live to write, I love it. It relaxes me and excites me.secondly I blogged about it because I know this way I will stick to what I am doing because all my followers are watching ! 


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