12 week challenge prizes

The fun has now begun with me enjoying all my prizes, I deserve it after all, I worked hard and was one hundred percent determined to win! 

My first prize was a photo shoot by Kaleido Digital Photography and proffesional hair and makeup done by Burn-profresional makeup artist. 

Saturday the 29th I woke up incredibly early so excited for my photo shoot, only to see it was three in the morning! I tried so hard to sleep but my excitement got the better of me! 

At eight o clock we started with makeup,  Bernadine is incredibly passionate about what she does. She has a very calming way with people and made me feel very comfortable. When she was done she brought the mirror to me to show me how I looked, I was shocked, I looked absolutely stunning! Please note I am not a vane person and actually have an incredibly low self esteem about myself, but I promis you now this lifted me! I felt vogue model sexy! 

Off I went to get my photos done, I was nervous but also felt calm, Christiaan and his wife had been speaking to me from the night that I had been announce the winner till when I had my photo shoot, which I feel was very nice of them, they just knew what to say to make one feel important.

When I arrived at the airport there was my photographer and his beautiful wife waiting for me, full smiles and old classic music playing for ambiance, I really felt like an old vintage pinup girl. 

We started with the photos and every time my photographer and his wife smiled I knew I posed like a boss! They help you all the way to pose perfectly and eventualy my confidence levels spiked a new level that I was creating my own poses. 

I am beyond happy and very greatful and thankful for this experience.  What amazing twelve week sponsors I have! They have become more than just a sponsor now, they have become friends! 

“Be humble in your confidence yet courageous in your character ” 


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