12 week challenge winner

It was nerve racking waiting for our answer on who will be the winner. The whole day my hands were sweating and my heart was racing away from me, I even fed my husband an off egg, but he was so kind about it, he even finished it down to try to not upset me, how’s that for ❤️ love!

The day dragged it felt like every  minute what an hour, eventually just passed eight Tammy said she is starting with announcements, she congratulated the ladies who came in from 4th place to 10th, I never saw my name so I was worried and panicked!

Then Tammy phoned me, I could feel my heart sink to my but! When I heard her voice I almost vomited with nerves! And she said,” I just want to congratulate you, you came in the top three”. Have you ever wanted to just Burst into tears, (tears of joy) but to hide embarrassment you don’t? Well…. that’s what happened to me. I sucked it up, exploded however with verbal diarrhea to Tammy and then ended the call.

About twenty minutes after Tammy phoned I saw she announced the third winner. My husband jumped up and said,” you either second or first”, still doubting myself I thought well, I am probably coming second, then……Tammy posted the second lady who came second! And it wasn’t me, I was so shocked! I won!!! My husband ran to me and picked me up and gave me the biggest kiss and hug ever!

I felt so shocked when Tammy posted that I won it really then sunk in.

You all have been following my journey for 12 weeks and let me tell you sometime if you have the right mindset you can achieve anything you want to, also with the right personal coach,(like mine Tammy) you will always be lifted up and push to work hard for your personal coach. img_2039


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  1. Well done. Now make certain the MAINTENANCE phase of weight loss receives as much dedication as the WEIGHT LOSS phase. Learn to enjoy ALL OF LIFE and the journey becomes easier and more satisfying!

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    1. Teeniebum says:

      Thank you very much 🙂 I still have 15kgs to lose and to tone up. but I must say my lifestyle change has been wonderful! I don’t eat rubish like I used to. Feel I even have more energy! Best of all my insulin levels are sitting at where they were supposed to sit! It’s been a long journey but I’m great fun for my achievements and know I can do better 🙂

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      1. Enjoy the accomplishment and realize the improved quality of health that lies ahead!!

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