12 week challenge ends…

This is the last day of my 12 week challenge with my personal Trainer Tammy, it’s been an incredible journey! Tomorrow evening we will know who the winner is, how exciting is that! I must admit I am incredibly nervous but also proud and happy, proud and happy because I have transformed so much, and feel so good! I am not to say or show pictures of what we look like or how much weight we have lost until the challenge is over, I am incredibly excited to share with the world how much weight I have lost and what I look like now! I am super proud of myself! 

On Sunday I got my photos professionally done, by thee talented Diedre Fanner! What an honor it was to let her do my photo shoot! She makes you feel very special with her kindness and her little treats she puts outs for you. I felt so relaxed, I felt “at home”, when I walked in to Diedres studio there was a lady waiting to do my make up and my hair, in no time she had made me look amazing! I have never felt so damn good about myself like that before! She was so professional and I looked good! 

I had changed into my bikini and started with my pictures, I felt so confident infront of the camera, because I worked hard to look like that. 

When Diedre showed me my pictures it shocked me so much that I had transformed from this very overweight lady with prediabets and always feeling sick and tired, to this healthy young-ish lady Who is prediabetes free. I am fit, I never get ill anymore, best of all I fit into clothes I want to and feel so comfortable wearing it. I held back my tears of joy. It was hard. All I wanted  to do was just cry because I worked so damn hard to get to where I am and for once In my life I have my confidence back! Best feeling in the world! 


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