Gardening with my bugs!!! 

As you know I love gardening! Not only are you getting fresh air to clear your mind but you learning something new every time you garden. Now the one thing I don’t perticulary like about gardening is the bugs! Yip I am very sqweemish when it comes to bugs! 

But…. that’s not true anymore, after enjoying my hobbie for two years and a bit now, I have learnt the many wonders about these little critters, is that if you leave them alone they will leave you alone. If you feed them and show them love they will do the same back in return for you. I have had many unique and oddly shaped bugs in my gardens, and I find it incredibly mind blowing how many insects we have! 

I have in my garden, bumble bees, shoe flies, carpenter bees, lots of butterflies, to your black widow spiders to golden orb spiders. 

Am I maybe finding my me in life? Maybe my “me” is to be a  entomologist or a world renowned hauticulturist? Whatever it it is will find me.. I am enjoying my new love for stuff I hated that now I love! E


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