Weight challenge! 

I have finished my last two months feeling very proud! Less than three weeks to go and our challenge is complete! I have achieved many great things with Tammy as my coach. I have learnt how important a healthy lifestyle and excercise is so important and plays a major role in ones life. 

Wether I win this challenge or lose I know with my health and in my heart that I am a winner! I have achieved great things with Tammy as my coach. My family eats a lot healthier. We all get in a lot of excercise and I feel comfortable to call myself a fit person! I can go into the clothing stores for “small” woman and happily by a size ten pants and a medium top.     My brain feels so much more alert! (Don’t know why) …. 

If you haven’t been following my blogs then let me break it down where I have begun: last year I was told by my husbands ex friend In front of a crowd of thirty , how fat I am compared to him and how beautiful the woman were sitting opposite me were compared to me. That made me upset, very… What I decided to do was to change my life around, because even though I wanted to attack him for he’s rude comment, he was so damn right! 

I had phoned tammy and began my journey with her! All online with 100 percent support! I saw miricals after the first month! 5kgs  down! Cms dropping off so easy! Next month, the same.. And so on.. I have not gained once with Tammy ,  I have lost  almost 20kgs and counting!! And I have dropped a drastic 8pamts size! I was a 18 and nolw a 10. 

Tammy had shared this on her group: So the time has come to announce the TOP 20 Transformations thus far in the MissFit 12 Week Challenge . This is my no means the final top placings – so keep at it ladies💪

💥💥💥💥In no particular order💥💥💥💥

Arlene Hill

Justine Olckers

Janine Gomes

Barbara Goatcher 

Celeste van Heerden

Carnia Piater

Chantelle Bamine

Heidi Groenewald

Charmaine Blom

Bianca van der Walt

Letitia Els

Malande Tonjeni

Nadine Muller

Tanya de Beer

Theliza Martin

Trix Van der Berg

Valerie Van de Wath

Liezl Joubert

Sharon Jacobsz

Lydia Serra

Lee James

3 weeks left 😉
Then I knew! Justine you are doing so well! Keep it up!  

I attached photos of me. The one in the orange top is when I was my heaviest. The one with me having both my legs in one pants sleeve is me at my thinnest. 


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