Stop being me! 

I am not one  who likes negative posts but I had to vent! 

I, Justine Joyce Olckers never vent! But feel it’s time to explode all my emotions into one blog! I am naturally a very calm person with an “average persons short fuse”, the problem is I have a big heart and let the wrong people take a piece of that. how to explaine myself a bit better, well if I was a homeless person and all I had was one piece of stale bread, I would be that idiot who would break my bread into tiny pieces and share it because I feel sorry for everyone, I would then lick the last crumb because, well.. I would be hungry dah,… 

Well that  is like my life now, I am a “weak” person and people thrive after that! My husband warns me a numerous time and says Justine you going to be burnt again and all I say is ugh.. No shame I feel sorry for them.. Poor people!! 

Well enough is enough! I have come along way in life, fought many obsticals, had to try much harder than the average person! And I won’t allow people to trample on my pathway of happiness ! 

Long ago, well about a good two years ago I had asked my husband what is my purpose in life. Have you ever wondered that?  What were you put on this earth to do or to be? Well I had found not my purpose but my passions in life only two years ago! I took up my garden hobbie  very seriously and dreamt of one day following  my grandfathers footsteps being a hauticulturist. Also I built a love for French cooking and admire Julia Child, then comes my love for getting into shape and pursuing something in the fitness field. 

Yip , I am a thirty year old who only found herself now. I only now know what I want to study and do and achieve in life. 

But what makes me sad… Is when people try take the last little bit of happiness you have built and try recreate that for themselves. You tell them about your lovely ideas you want to do and achieve and a week later they come and crush your dreams by stealing them. 

Is it so hard for me to do something where no one steals my ideas. Where I can achieve something and also have someone say,” well done Justine”, or “wow we can’t believe how good you are at this!” I am not feeling sorry for myself here but sometimes I would also like a little bit of recognition. I would also like to know what if feels like for someone to be proud of me rather than me be proud of them. 

I am always boosting people’s egos and making a fuss over everyone and making them feel good,

Me venting!!!!!!! 


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  1. You may want to reconsider your thinking and recognize if people are copying (or stealing your ideas) they see VALUE in what you do. They may not be interested in formally giving you credit, but credit is none the less given by their “copying” ACTIONS. Rather than being angry or frustrated, you may want to consider SMILING and recognizing the VALUE you bring to the lives of others. This perspective creates a POSITIVE sentiment that boosts self esteem. Certainly beats a NEGATIVE (self destructive) attitude frustration and anger cause.

    Stay positive, stay happy!

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    1. Teeniebum says:

      Thank you very much 🙂 yes you are very right about that. 🙂

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