Meaning of procrastination: the action of delaying or postponing something.

Am I thee only person who gets fazed by a person who procrastinates?   

One of my utmost worst things a person can do is chew like a dam pig near me, that gets my toes in a knot and my mood to change very quickly but then there are those who procrastinate.  
One does not realize how fast life goes, one sits and ponders over how they going to resolve the utmost basic tasks in life!

Come on people, instead of sitting and not wanting to achieve a damn thing go out there and do it! If you haven’t done it yet you wasting valuable time! I know already my short, long term goals, I have written it down and I have done something to get to where I want to be with my goals! 

So why not try do sometime you not comfortable to do, do something you have set your mind on in that very second, why not plan something on ninety nine point nine and do it! 

Breath in, hold your head up high, get those fancy pants on and do it! 

We all live once, we  are given these opportunities to do so many magical things in our lives but yet we sit slouched and lazy and ignore what our heart wants.
Think hard about this one. Look at yourself and Ask yourself if you fall under the “procrastinator  club” or do you make a change in your life! If you want something bad enough you will jump off your ass and do it no matter the sacrifice! Anyone can talk about doing something but the proof is when you have achieved it! 


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