what is confidence ? 

what does it mean to you to be confident?

To me it’s more than just a status and more than just a word that people tend to over use for there own comfort zone.I am a person who lacks confidence all the time, I am a person who’s self esteem is usually on the low side. Well  Not today, I have been with misfits online training with Tammy since November, I have been giving it my 110 percent. Some weeks and or days I feel like giving up, reason being , I have a stressful life, I take care of my three beautiful children from morning to night, my youngest has just started the “teething fase “!, so that means not a lot of sleep and early mornings for me as I wake to get my children ready for school, which is a 35 minute drive and 35 minute drive back and so the busy day begins then to end it with a busy night. I am so blessed and ever so grateful to have a husband who helps me so much. Without my husband I would be a lost sole.

Yes, I know what you saying, ” but you have not answered the question?” , “why you, Justine, so damn confident?” 

Il tell you,…. 

When I started my 12 week challenge with Tammy I decided I will only buy a new bikini the 2nd month into the challenge, and well I feel damn good in my bikini! I can see a massive change in me, I see muscle! And not as much fat “flabs”, I feel healthier, and my energy levels are phenomenal! 

so why am I confident ?

I, Justine, mother of three, married for eight years, busy lifestyle look damn good! And most importantly, I have changed myself into something magical! And I can only thank my husband for supporting me through my lifestyle change for this. And for my coach Tammy for pushing me and encouraging me to aim high! 

If I can do this, taking on me having pre diabetes, thyroid issues, hysterectomy, three c sections, overlain  polocystic syndrome, low iron levels and a very low self esteem , then ANYONE can do this! You not to old, or to young, or to ill.make a change today and boost your confidence! 


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  1. Congratulations on all the hard work you’ve put in considering all the challenges you faced. Well done!!

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    1. Teeniebum says:

      Thank you very much, 🙂 I have another 12kgs to lose and I think I might just be happy with my body then :-), it’s been incredibly hard work but rewarding in the end.

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