New body! 

Since the birth of my son William I have been wanting to lose my extra pounds but thought because I was pretty overweight  it was impossible. How could a mom of three who has had major life threatening operations ever look good again? 

Well it is, very possible. Step 1.) your family plays a major roll, they have to support you and not In force temptation on you. And that my family did, even my children, they all support me, always tell me I am looking good, which I promis motivates you,

Step 2.) Always remind yourself why you began. My reasons is: my health! With being close to being a full diabetic I realized how I love myself to much to destroy it from some shitty chocolates and coke. Also having a beautiful body will make me feel more confident and proud of being a woman! 

Step 3) don’t do it alone, find a good support team, I found Tammy, she is my personal trainer, owner of MissFit online personal training she motivate you all the time, she sets perfect meal plans and exercises to suit anyone’s needs. She is loving and carrying and is very passionate about what she does. When I look at her I only wish to look as stunning as her! One day I wish no hope to do bikini modeling just like her. 

Step 4.) enter competitions. Tammy is running a lovely 12 week challenge with prizes valued at 60 grand! I am so so excited to do this! It starts February till April. My goal is to lose my 15 kgs in three months and gain muscle! Lots! 

Step 5.) when you hit a low pick yourself up! Stay positive and strong and you will achieve great things in life! 

6.) if you signed up for a challenge and you like me have almost zero gym equipment, a busy life with a busy baby and are breastfeeding too, then get company’s to sponsor you for your three months. Wether it’s all your water or gym equipment or anything it helps and it will motivate you! 

I have in 6 weeks lost 8 kgs and 35cms thanks to my family, and Tammy and my will power to succeed ! 


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  1. kimacracker says:

    This post was a big help for me as well. I’m planning to go on a diet but I’m having a hard time on how to start.


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