Hysterectomy and family part 2. 

After the scrape I don’t recall much, besides having funny pills under my tongue to bring on “full  labor” yes, baby out and I had to try and contract my uterus, by then it was scary and I really just blanked out.

So the scrape didn’t work. Being plugged didn’t and have to get my uterus to contract was not working either. 

When I woke up, (like I said I went blank) they had informed me I had a hysterectomy, I remember being shocked, and confused  but to weak and worried about my husband and my son to care. My husband saw me by the theatre doors and was comforting me, but I saw in his eyes u could see the worry. He’s eyes where blood shot red, from waiting 9 hours for me, to not knowing what was going on, to Doctor telling  him it is just a scrape and to the final news he was called to theatre and Doctor told him to wait in the chair outside theatre as they do my hysterectomy. My poor husband was overwhelmed by his first son and saddened by me. Seven at night I go in to have a c section and half past two that morning I’m being pushed to icu. When they pushed me into icu he was not allowed in until I was prepped. 

I remember being to weak to speak with anyone, the machines where going crazy. I had that night so many injections, in the stomach in case of blood clots and to check my sugar and pain medication as my pain levels where bad! I was in the worst pain imaginable! I remember this one nurse, she must of been the cook in charge of the icu ward, she had all the other staff go from bed to bed and pray. That touched my heart and then it only sunk in! “Justine, you had a hysterectomy,?” ,” no more children,” ,”does this mean I’m still a woman?” 

The next day at one I got to go to my normal ward, I had to however have funny stockings on that go by your knee. I was told to keep them on at all times. And there my husband was smiling at me and waiting for the nurses to bring my baby, and there he was my beautiful boy, my everything, I held him and kissed him this fat little premature boy weighing 3.4kgs. As healthy as ever. 

It took almost a complete day for him to latch but I did it, I could breastfeed my boy. The staff where so kind, all of them hugged me and told me they happy I am still alive and that someone was defiantly watching over me that night. 


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