Hysterectomy and family part 1

Seven years ago I was blessed with the most beautiful daughter imaginable. Tiffany, my eldest. She was born a healthy 3.18 kgs and was very tall. Beautiful blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She was born at 37.5 weeks, first child early labor. Luckily I had thee best gynecologist who took me in imidiatly and I had a c section. Everything went smoothly, no problems. I had from day one a happy healthy baby, and still today my 7 year old daughter is happy and healthy and very caring and oh so helpful. 

Then my husband and I decided we would love to have another child, in that time it had taken us three years to have her. I had in those three years had half my thyroid removed and I was diagnosed with pre diabetes and polo cystic syndrome. I thought that was the end, I won’t be able to give my oldest daughter a sibling. I went from dr to dr to get my health and lifestyle into shape just so we can have another baby. And it happened, poof! We had our second absolutely beautiful daughter, she was born with black hair which has turned to the most beautiful brown hair ever. And beautiful green green eyes. She was a fat baby weighing 3.6kgs and she was full of little fat rolls.today my little petit coralline is 4 years old with the worlds strongest personality and I swear she will be president one day, very manipulative and sneaky and not scared of anyone.

After the birth of coralline I decided let’s try just for one more. I only want three children. Once again I battled. I went to my doctor he put me on chlomid, and after a few months from taking it I was pregnant! And it was a boy! Oh was I so happy!! Pregnancy went well, I hardly knew I was pregnant. But by the last trimester was horrible! I landed up in hospital with a stomach bug, I gained tripple my normal weight. Yip 30kgs!

Then it started, Braxton hicks was worse, and I was only 35 weeks pregnant. Now I began to worry because both my girls came early and with a surprise, but my son, way to early to come now! 35 weeks is premature?

At 36 weeks my son was born. He was a very healthy boy. He was born 3.3kgs and thanks to my steroid injection he didn’t need icu. I had my third c section and I asked to be put under as I have an awful phobia of hospitals. I woke up to a lovely nurse looking at me and smiling. I was so half asleep as I was still in recovery. I asked about my son as I was panicked he would of been in icu, they reassured me he was fine. 

Minutes ticked, and they never took me to my room. I just lay there. Eventualy I saw the anethisist checking my vitals and doing something around me and I knew then something was horribly wrong. I looked at the nurse and said,”why am I still here?” She said to me that doctor just wants to wait for the bleeding to end. I was confused. Having three c sections I know you bled after! 

Eventualy dr checked on me, an hour had passed (or so I think) and all I remember is he was massaging my uterus and I was scream crying from the pain. I just had the c section and now someone is pushing hard on the cut area. Doctor then looked at me and said,” if you don’t stop bleeding you will have to have a scrape.” I went into shock from panic! Not another operation! So I said to dr ,” please let my husband know .”  And I was shaking even worse.all I heard around me was machines making funny noises and This nurse putting a funny vacuumed thing that blows hot air into my bed to try warm me And every time she did that my machines alarm,would go off. The anethisist said I can’t have that to warm me it’s messing with the machines and he must keep an eye on them. 

This lovely nursing sister Annatjie, who I call my Guardian angel sat by my side explaining that I will be fine. If it wasn’t for her I think I would of been dead. 

Next I see doctor, and he said, “sorry the bleeding is worse. We Must do a scrape” 

Anethisist said with a scrape you get light anesthetic, and for some moronic reason I begged the doctor to give me lots because I don’t want to be awake, I even told him i’ll pay him cash to give me more anesthetic if medical aid doesn’t want me to have more. You could see in their eyes the care they had, dr laughed it off and said,”you will be fully asleep”  and it’s nothing to do with money. 


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