Wildlife in Africa  

What do you see when you leave your home and drive 20 minutes away from home? 

You know what I see? 

Long grass, a boom gate and dirt road with a big sign board that says lion an rhino reserve. We show them our reservation ticket and we in.

Yes that’s right, a beautiful game reserve minutes from our house. We spent the night at lion and rhino in a beautiful chalet with a lovely jacuzzi and neat braai area (bbq). From the patio you can see the warthogs scurriging around, and the water buck coming closer, their curiosity kills them to see what we doing in their kingdom.

At night we light our braai (bbq) the wood starts crackling, I am relaxed and enjoying my stay. My children are more scared of the bugs flying on us than the noise of the lions calling one another at night, so they sit inside and wait for us to go inside so they can count how many bugs are on us and have a big fat laugh. 

Braai (bbq) is done. My husband braais(bbq) lamb chops, with that we had lovely diced up beetroot and a potatoe salad. Oh how I love my husbands braais, he is by far the braai (bbq) master. 

Lion and rhino is a lovely getaway, not only do you hear  and see all sorts of animals but you alsO get to interact at the animal crèche with the baby animals. 

Have you ever held a lion? Well I have 😉 


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  1. TawnyV says:

    Wow love this! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful photos as well 🙂

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