Fruit trees 

Oh I love fruit trees! Not only are you attracting bees to keep up their population but you save so much money eating your own much healthier fruit. 

I have a lime tree, gooseberry bushes, strawberrys, fig tree, peach tree, calamondon tree and soon il have a lemon tree.

You probably wondering if I live on a farm or have a large holding that I can plant many trees, bushes etc… And the answer is no. I live in a complex but my yard is small to medium size, I just know how to work with space. For example my lime tree is in a beautiful ceramic pot. My strawberrys hang in hanging pots on the outside non used walls. It also gives your house or should I say “dead” walls some umph! I have taken out a lot of my older plants that’s been in this house for 20+ years and put fruit trees in place of that. I think I also have learnt to keep my plant spacing very tight. 

My soil is rich and good. Loaded with loads of worms so I have really never missed a season of fruit on some of my fruit trees, bushes and plants. 


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