My flop of a croissant ! 

Yesterday as promised on my earlier blog was the day to make croissants. Six o clock in the evening came and I decided to get off my lazy ass and start my croissants, I had taken everything out, measured it, got my yeast right and started preparing my dough. Now the big first 3 hour wait , 3 hours went by and my dough was triple the size. I was very impressed. All seemed to be going well. After doing everything by book (Julia child’s ) and then was time to set in the oven to bake. I knew by the time I had to put it in the oven it will flop, you could just see it. 

After my 10/15 minutes as instructed I removed them And they looked horrible ! They had the smell and taste of a croissant but the look of a bad roll  been flattened by a ten ton truck 

I know what I did wrong, 1.) I have been sick with the flue and so has my daughter of four. She and my baby have been keeping us up a few nights now. So yes I am sleep deprived and sick! 2.) we in South Africa use different measurements so I had to convert everything to South African measurements. 3.) yes I will admit I used the wrong flour 

The French probably by now saying,”espèce d’idiot ! and if Julia child was still alive I would probably be called a “nit wit” and Julie powel would probably be shaking her head and tell me to just give up already! 

I am no chef, nor top cook I am just an ordinary person with a passion and love for cooking ! 

Even though I stuffed it up big time I am proud that at least I tried ! 


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  1. As my partner who is a chef would say it takes practice she has being doing it for thirty years and trains people now as well as feeding people in a care home and running a cooking night .. She started with 2 now nearly all are joining in using their hands and practising .. She had to persevere as I did to be able to cook for her I also work in the kitchen on special occasions if you are on Facebook join her group and ask questions it’s Ace Food News … Ian

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    1. Teeniebum says:

      I will definitely go like u guys on fb 🙂 yes defiantly a lot of practice. But I also think I jumped into the impossible. I think I must try something a tad easier. I know now my mistakes. Apparently my flour was wrong and and I never used enough butter. 🙂

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      1. My partner said they are really hard to get right but talk to her she taught me so much in 16 years … But well done for trying … Let me have your Facebook page and I will get her to link up … Ian 😀


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