Oldies or what?! 

I have a love for collecting toys from vintage to modern , I also collect comics, games and I have recently started collecting VHS’S. My children were  incredibly confused when I opened my parcel and out came the VHS’S. They asked me over and over what do you do with it, how does it work, why do you want that if you have DVDs. Lucky for me I have a VHS player and we sat wAtching movies. 

Now I sit writing my blog and watch Star Wars, kids love it, I missed it. Now it hit Me that me turning 30 means I am old! Very very old! 

Classics are always great fun, and if you look after old classics well wether it be toys, books or stamps or whatever you will be able to give it to your children one day and they can give to their children’s children. 


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  1. I GOT THIS! says:

    Lol i am 42 and i pull out the old 80’s movies and let my kid watch them. I collected the tv show V, and i have a ton of the 80’s movies!!


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