To croissant or not to croissant that is the question ? 

After lasts nights amazing meal which brought a lot of excitement and joy to my heart I decided I should tackle something maybe a bit more challenging ? 

I think this week I will make croissants , I am very very nervous to try this as I am not to good with baking.  I am no chef nor top cook, but this is one of my goals,  is to learn and self teach myself where I can and to motivate people to keep trying no matter your flops and mistakes .

According to Julia child’s recipe It could take up to 12 hours to make croissants. Julia child says good bakers bake at night so you have fresh baked goods in the morning, maybe I should bake through the night, therefore my children and everyone is asleep and I can concentrate hard whilst making croissants and we will have fresh croissants for breakfast , that’s if they do not flop ! 


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