Enough food! Let’s garden :-) 

I find it a fun project to do with the kids when we go through potatoes and look for semi old ones and leave them in the cupboard for a few months, well that’s how I do it ! 

When your potatoes sprout a lot you can put them in a heap of good sand . I like to heap my sand and I also have a lot of earthworms , a lot , maybe that’s why my stuff grows so well. I then plant my potatoes just sticking them out a tad , and then I give them a good watering. 

It must of been months , it felt very long but I saw a potatoe sticking out of the ground. My daughter happened to be playing and shuffling the sand  when out came a loud shout of excitement, “mommy, mommy your potatoes are ready” First time ever planting potatoes and there we had it a lot , more than I imagined. My daughters had fun digging for potatoes , it was almost like they  won the lottery with every potatoe they had pulled out . There smiles where getting bigger and there screams of excitement louder . 
From four potatoes we must of go easily twenty medium potatoes . 

And yes I use them that night, roasted in a pan with oil , Rosemary , salt and blackpepper until they where soft inside and crispy and oily on the outside ! 

We do this every so often and the children’s look forward to seeing there potatoes make more potatoes ! 



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  1. I GOT THIS! says:

    Love this! We love to garden! I use it to teach math and science also!!!!


    1. Teeniebum says:

      It’s a lot of fun 🙂 have you tried pumpkins yet ? Potatoes are fun , my 7 year old really loves gardening with me . My grandfather was a horticulturist , unfortunately he died 3 years ago , I think I built my passion from the old man 🙂


      1. I GOT THIS! says:

        We grow everything lol. Tomatoes, potatoes, onions are our favorites


      2. Teeniebum says:

        Awsome 🙂 I just started with onions , I am very excited to see the end result 🙂


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