Boeuf bourguinon #juliachildsrecipee 

After watching clips on utube of Julia child cooking away I was very eager to try her recipes , but which do you begin with? I then went back and watched Julie and Julia for the hundredth time, and one that stuck was her boeuf bourguinon. Watching the part where Julie was getting excited for her visit from a writer and overslept her meal , the boeuf bourguinon was the dish I was going to make!  It looked Devine even though Julie power burnt it I would still eat it all up by myself ! She made it with love, passion, excitement , you could almost see in her heart the joy she would of had for her guest to taste her food.  She had the Julia child spirit with her ! 

That was it, the meal, the ultimate grand dish I ever made of Julia’s , the first dish, and I was not going to flop this one! It cost to much and I put in a lot of effort , 5 hours to not flop this one! 

I started preparing my stuff, and I started later than I should of, the children where being very Nagy that day and my baby wanted my attention , my full attention, I did not have her books as yet so I found her recipe on the Internet , so with one hand I was trying to prepare my meal and the other I was trying to scroll down to see the next step of this lovely meal, and in the process not mess my husbands phone up with ingredients . 

As time was ticking I could see my children where getting niggly and hungry, walking up and down , “mommy, we hungry , mommy when will it be done?” I was a stress ball, because my children are used to eating no later than five at night ! 

Eventualy my boeuf bourguinon was done at half past six, the kids licked their lips they loved it so much, my oldest daughter even had seconds.

Who knew cooking with butter could be so rewarding ! 


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