Tonight we eat like kings! 

Today I feel better , like the old me, I can now face food and not want to throw up while looking at it. 

So today my goals can begin, one of my goals is to cook Julia child’s meals, not copying Julie at all but merely want to learn the arts of cooking how she does and not setting a record of how many I can and cannot do. 

Today I went and bought my cream , onions, chicken breasts etc and whilst shopping I could almost smell what I am going to be making for supper tonight. I hope it tastes like I am imagining, delish mouthwatering rich chicken done with butter, cream, onions , now that sounds like food fit for a king! 

One is probably wondering why I carry on talking highly of both Julie and Julia ? 

Well, I got my inspiration, love for cooking from the movie, both Julie and Julia remind me of me, Julie’s dedication to achieve at something and learn the arts of cooking like Julia and Julia child’s strong mind to doing what she loves . I think if I , Julie and Julia had to meet we would get on impeccably well, I know that’s not possible as that would make julia child 102 years old.  


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