Butter , butter and more butter ! 

  • The aromas of my chicken being cooked dragged the whole family into the kitchen staring at the oven begging to eat now, I laugh and I am proud, proud that I made my family happy, a lovely recipe of Julia child’s , her chicken breasts , paprika onions and cream, I of course like I always do just add and change a bit. Instead of cutting the onions fine I cut them in nice pieces to really enjoy biting into the soft buttery onions. The smell of butter , cream and paprika was making my whole house smell lovely , (I wonder what the Neighbours where thinking if they could smell it ?) peas and definitely cous cous is a big time winner with this dish! 

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  1. judilyn says:

    BUTTER – you got me with that one word! ;-> Butter is my favorite flavor. It makes everything sing a song of delight to be included in the menu.

    Virtual hugs,



    1. Teeniebum says:

      Thank you 🙂 Judi, my hubby for my 30th litterly bought me 10 blocks of butter because I use it for everything. (Well on,y cooking) lol

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      1. judilyn says:

        I see blocks of five pounds in the store now. Haven’t tried them yet because they keep having the Challenge (no bRST) on sale for $2.50 a pound.


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