“Bad luck chuck” moment 

when all your dreams and goals stare you in the face but you can’t achieve one today! 

Today’s plans where to achieve balancing on my slack rope feeling invincible, standing for 1,2,3 seconds and boom I would probably tumble , but I know after practicing and practicing I would go for longer and eventualy walk my rope with no difficulties ! 

Secondly I was going to make my husband a lovely chicken and cream dish that comes out of Julia child’s recipe book. My husband wrote an exam today so I felt I want to do something extra special for him also for my birthday yesterday he bought me Julia child’s cookbooks , mastering the art of French cooking 1 and 2. He knows how I look up to Julia Child and see myself a lot in her and in Julie (but I will explain myself there in other blogs I write) 

What stopped me ? Huh, a horrible horrible deal of food poisoning! Kyle, my husband and my inlaws took me to what I thought was a lovely restaurant, Portuguese cuisine , yesterday for my birthday . I had clams for a starter which was my first time  ever tasting  clams, it was actually very nice. For main meal I had chicken and prawns , scrumptious pink large prawns in a heavy butter and garlic sauce . What happened this morning was not good, too weak , too sick to even slack rope, look at exercising , or dieting , or cooking up a storm. The thought of food is enough to make me vomit .

I hope my night goes well and tomorrow my blogs can be filled with pictures of me slack roping and of my lovely meals ! 


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